About us

Seenel Imaging


Fabrice Wallois, a neuroscientific researcher at INSERM U-1105 / Amiens Picardy University and neurophysiologist at the University Hospital in Amiens, headed a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and clinicians. They initiated research into new signal acquisition and cerebral function analysis tools.


Medelopt®, an innovative cerebral neuro-imaging system is patented


Seenel Imaging is founded to develop this paradigm-shifting neuro-imaging device.


Launch of Medelopt® on the french market

  • Launch of Medelopt® on the european market

  • Launch of Medelopt® Mobility, our wireless solution

  • Joined the european consortium TinyBrains

  • Integration of a short-channel design on Medelopt®

  • Launch of Medelopt® Tandem, our hyperscanning solution

  • Launch of our new product range Medelopt® Mobility,  Medelopt® Infinity & Medelopt® Tandem

  • Seenel Imaging and Biopac Systems Inc. entered in a long term global partnership
  • MedelOpt will be available Worldwide with local support provided by Biopac Systems Inc.
  • MedelOpt VR is integrated in any Head Mounted Device like Meta Quest2

Who we are

Thomas Fontaine

CEO and Founder

An expert with 25 years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing in the medical devices field.

Dr. Marion Vincent

Neuroscience Application Specialist

Signal processing engineer and PhD in Neurosciences with expertise in different neuroimaging modalities MRI, EEG and NIRS.

Arthur Bernard

Embedded System Engineer

Development of new hardware and firmware solution for Seenel Imaging.

Dr. Moisés Domínguez

Electronic Engineer

Master in Bioelectronics and PhD in Neuroscience, with expertise in Biomedical Instrumentation for Neurotechnology and Biopotentials.

Pr. Fabrice Wallois

Clinical and Neuroscientific Advisor

Head of the Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology Department at Amiens Picardy Hospital Director of the Multimodal Brain Function Analysis Research Group, Inserm UMR 1105

Dr. Mahdi Mahmoudzahed

Biomedical Advisor

Research scientist, Faculty of Medicine, INSERM U1105 Laboratory, Picardy University. Hospital Engineer, Southern Hospital of Amiens, France